The Secret to Qualifying Your Leads

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The Secret to Qualifying Your Leads

Qualifying a lead vastly increases the chances of a sale. Qualification is the process a lead goes through as it passes through the sales funnel to become a customer.

But how would this Qualifying process work?

One of the most efficient methods of qualifying leads is through using B.A.N.T.

  • Budget – Are the prospect’s funds readily available?
  • Authority – Are we in contact with decision makers?
  • Need – Is there a problem or issue we can fulfil?
  • Timeline – Is the problem long term or short term?

B.A.N.T cuts to the most pivotal questions every business needs to know regarding their prospects.

Is it worth investing staff and employees researching a company that can’t afford your services?

If a great sales pitch is delivered to someone and you realise, they’re not the decisionmaker, was it worth delivering it?

Is there an actual problem or issue that you can improve or are your services not needed?

If there is a problem, how long are you and the prospect willing to spend on it and can it be accommodated.

B.A.N.T creates a realistic, reliable and efficient system to qualify leads in the sales pipeline.

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Written By Leyla Hussein


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