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Business Development

Your Complete Sales Solution

What is Business Development?

Business Development is essential for any business with the determination to expand or attract a wider clientele. At Hayward Miller, we actively pursue opportunities for our clients by developing existing relationships, seeking new customers and identifying additional markets for products or services. Using our experience, we increase our client’s business through networking, our contacts and market knowledge. Not only do we provide one main point of contact, but also offer our entire team’s expertise and experience as added support.

How can Hayward Miller help?

  • Develop your business in new market sectors.
  • Help launch new products or services.
  • Liaise with potential customers in meetings and presentations to pitch your offer.
  • Attend network events as your Business Development Manager, promoting your company and services.
  • Create and manage your sales pipeline with enhanced exposure. Our clients see the scale of potential growth turn into increased profits.
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Contract Identification

We access applicable tender portals to find the best opportunities for your company and provide summaries of each.

Social Media Promotion

As a free added value service, Hayward Miller promotes your business through our digital marketing.

We are your Sales Team

To ensure potential companies see no difference with your company, we use your email addresses and business cards.

Online Portal

All data we create and use for you is automatically shared in a secure cloud folder for your immediate convenience. For example, Market Research, Telemarketing, Leads, Monthly Reports, Networking and Exhibition follow-ups are available as soon as they are produced and updated.

Regular Training

Skills and behaviour affect results; we ensure our staff are knowledgeable and up to date by employing weekly company training sessions and providing individuals with daily guidance, so everyone can attain their full potential.

Test and Measure

To guarantee success, communication is vital. As a team, we ‘huddle’ daily to confirm everyone is completely informed and knows who is working for you that day.

…we are your Business Development Manager!