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Your Complete Sales Solution

Why Outsourcing Your Sales Could Be the Best Thing for Your Business

Sales are the most important thing for any business. Some would refer to it as the heart of the business as, without sales, your company wouldn’t be a success. Outsourcing your sales might not be something you’ve considered, or maybe you have tried it before and had no success from it. Below are a few…
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Why you need a Sales Strategy

This week’s newsletter is about something we often get asked – What is a sales strategy and why do I need one? What is a sales strategy? A sales strategy is a plan of action to increase your sales and profitability, whether through diversifying your offering or growing your business. What does a sales strategy…
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A New Business Development Manager

Over the past few months, Hayward Miller have been recruiting people from a range of different sectors, to help take the business to the next level. One of the latest arrivals is Business Development Manager, Richard Castle. Richard is a very experienced salesperson and business development manager, predominantly within the print industry. A successful entrepreneur,…
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Telemarketing Team Grows Due to Demand

Back in June we posted about our new recruitment process and it has once again proven effective, with the addition of another new telemarketer, Paul Monkhouse. Paul has vast experience across a range of different industry sectors, originally moving from engineering into sales & marketing. He then took a side step into care work, followed by teaching,…
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HML Diversifies into the Retail Sector

Hayward Miller has gained a new client in the retail sector, adding to our ever-growing list of markets. This coincides with a new associate Business Development Manager who specialises in the world of retail. The new client is Lemarc Display Systems, who design and manufacture bespoke point of sale display systems. Their patented system, Slatform,…
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Hayward Miller Take On Another Business Development Manager

In the fourth appointment over the last four months, Collin Nunn joins Hayward Miller as its new Business Development Manager. Collin began his sales career in the medical division of Smiths Industries, working as an Area and Sales Manager in both the Critical Care and Emergency Care departments. He then established a UK subsidiary for…
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Hayward Miller’s New Training Manager

Hayward Miller are fortunate to have gained experienced Training & Development Manager Mike Newboult; an important step towards further developing the training side of the business. Mike has created and delivered bespoke training packages in Sales, Customer Service and Leadership, amongst other, more specialist areas. The Hayward Miller premises at Thetford include dedicated training suites…
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