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We become your Sales Team and get you Sales.

Our sales teams at Hayward Miller are professionals with vast industry knowledge.

The Hayward Miller office provides our teams with all the facilities they need to collaboratively work well and communicate. They’re already trained in sales, marketing, and communication. Over our 10 years of operating, we have worked with over 100 companies and with each, we have studied, practised, and learnt the processes, technical jargon, and trends of each industry we’ve encountered.

We are known typically as an “Outsourced Sales Company”.

Many business owners and directors believe “outsourcing doesn’t work.” They view outsourced services as unproductive and an unnecessary additive cost. However, taking on an outsourced team can be very lucrative and time-effective for your business. We won’t disrupt your operations, we study your ethos, reflect your brand, values, culture and finally – we aim to make you 10 times our cost.

Our Managing Director, Andrew Hayward, started Hayward Miller because he wanted to “share that feeling of absolute success when targets have been exceeded and sales are through the roof”. At Hayward Miller, we all share this vision and want to work with industry towards a profitable and successful future.

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Our History

Watch our video to learn about Hayward Miller’s services direct from our Managing Director, Andrew Hayward.

Founded in 2010 by Andrew Hayward, Hayward Miller started as a sales training company. This venture arose from a need made clear to Andy when working for several large Engineering, Aerospace and Manufacturing firms. There was a constant desire to grow and improve sales. Methods of Telesales and Telemarketing were unappealing to Business Development Managers, due to its cold calling methods and so, Sales Training was implemented.

Once Andrew let it be known that Hayward Miller was in the market for business, there was initial demand for his Business Development skills. As demand grew, the company grew, serving local markets in Norwich, Cambridge, and Ipswich. At this point, Andrew realised that there was a gap in the market for Telemarketers and Market Researchers. The Market Researchers would target the right person in the company. The Telemarketers would then call the “warm lead” with a much-improved chance to reach the Decision Maker. The Business Development Manager, with their negotiation and interpersonal skills, take over once an appointment was made.

Hayward Miller outgrew its first office in May 2015 when the company moved to managed offices in Thetford, Norfolk. Today we are offering our sales solution services on both a national and international level with client accounts in Australia, Europe, and America.

Why Hayward Miller?

We can help your business whatever the problem whatever the need. We will analyse, adapt and deliver the results you need to grow your sales.

  • We work a number of days a month to suit your budget.
  • We apply proven sales methods to increase your sales pipeline.
  • Sales take time to build: – 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact (Source: National Sales Executive).
  • We can support your company should a member of staff be away on a long-term: – Project, Sick Leave, Maternity or Paternity Leave.

Choosing Hayward Miller ensures you not only receive our great depth of knowledge and understanding but also, our vast pool of experience that is shared across all the company. We deliver proven results within strict cost and time restrictions so your business goals become a reality, whilst keeping your outgoings to a minimum.

Hayward Miller is a professional organisation. Smart, methodical and prepared – offering excellent communication.

We are YOUR outsourced sales team!

“We appointed Hayward Miller to access new opportunities in the market for us. Hayward Miller were very amenable and flexible in their approach. They were excellent at providing feedback and reporting on what was working and what wasn’t.

Hayward Miller looked at alternative methods of contacting potential leads for us, such as LinkedIn…They are an extremely friendly team and a pleasure to work with.”

Lynette Penney | PR & Marketing Manager Kershaw Group Ltd