Market Research

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What is Market Research?

Market Research enables companies to identify consumer behaviour, market conditions, and trends. Without it, the entirety of business would be built on assumptions too unreliable to last.

Many Market Research firms and agencies utilise their analysts for conducting surveys, focus groups, and online searches, but these methods only cover a small area of what the process should be. Our UK-based Market Research team are comprehensive analysts. We use more than the typical methods above, we also qualify this data and compare it to the current market climate, all into one convenient report and supporting databases.

Knowing the details, trends and behaviour of your market allows you to react faster and more accurately to change, making your company more flexible and viable for growth.

Market Research Reports

What does Hayward Miller offer?

Our Market Research team offer a wide range of Primary and Secondary research methods including:

Database Generation

We identify relevant sectors for your company and create a bespoke database of companies and contacts.

Market Strategy

Our Market Research enables us to develop a market strategy with you. This will focus on the right product or service mix to stimulate growth. We also perform internal and external analyses.

Competitor Analysis

We will identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Contract Identification

We access applicable tender portals to find the best openings for your company and provide you with a summary of each.


We create and send surveys via email, post or online. We then analyse the findings and provide advice and feedback, allowing you to grow your business.

Focus Groups

We conduct small group discussions to help determine how your customers or clients consider your product or service.

B2B Interviews

We can conduct in-depth interviews with participants, either by telephone or face-to-face.

…we are your Market Research team!