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Sales Training

Your Complete Sales Solution

What Training Programmes does Hayward Miller offer?

Whether you want a tailored sales training program or a business strategy workshop, both will help improve your sales and prepare your company for success.


For4wards is best described as a Sales Team training program, tailored for your business. We adapt our programme and procedures to suit you, your team and your markets. We are the experts when it comes to sales.

Hayward Miller has been delivering bespoke training over the last eight years. The For4wards method is based on the same system we use in providing our own in-house outsourced sales programmes. We are a part-time solution delivering full-time results, developing your business process for success and profit.

Our For4ward’s method can be described in just four words:

  • Assess
  • Align
  • Improve
  • Develop

We Assess your sales structure, Align your sales workforce with your objectives and Improve their skills and know-how. We finally Develop the team as a whole in delivering the results. We specialise Business to Business coaching and developing sales teams with Market Research, Telemarketing through to Business Development. Growing your business is our speciality.

– Delivered by Hayward Miller Ltd.

Move Forwards with For4wards!

Sales Matters

Sales Matters is a fully supported business strategy workshop designed to develop your sales focus and direction. These workshops will facilitate the sales development process and create a shared understanding of the business vision, goals and reality.

Sales Matters shows you how to deliver exceptional new sales results.  We review and arrange your business to determine how you can achieve rapid growth and revenue.

In our Sales Matters workshops we teach you how to:

  • Define
  • Plan
  • Create

Define your goals against your reality and perfect prospect profiling to deliver quick wins. Plan your strategy by aligning your Sales and Marketing. Create added value to overturn the status quo trap leading to more pre-qualified opportunities.

Our clients range in turnover from £25Ok to £1Obn+ and come from all industry sectors. Sales is a process and it matters.

– Delivered by DPC Marketing & Hayward Miller Ltd.

Together we shape your future!