New Client Makes Water Savings Simple

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New Client Makes Water Savings Simple

Peritus is a completely independent energy & water consultancy company who uniquely specialises in validating and auditing business energy and water billing. The company manages energy and water on behalf of businesses ranging from small to very large. The process is very simple. A new client grants a ‘Letter of Authority’, a document allowing Peritus to contact the customer’s utility supplier on their behalf to manage the client’s business needs accurately and concisely.

Breaking News: Peritus has just achieved a 50% discount (£43,624 reduction!) off a client’s electricity bill with seven years to pay the outstanding balance. This amazing result is the culmination of years of knowledge and experience, together with the ability to ‘take on’ major energy and water suppliers.

Other key energy and water services include: –

  • Procurement
  • Conservation
  • Identification
  • Control of Waste

So confident is Peritus, that in most cases they don’t charge an upfront fee, rather, a share of any financial successes they secure.

Once Peritus is engaged, savings and even refunds relating to incorrect charges previously raised are quickly found in a manner of ways clients least expect. With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, Peritus staff are extremely focussed on details such as the minutia of billing, because it’s here that clients are least aware.

Peritus has enlisted Hayward Miller’s support to reach out to new clients identified as having issues with their water billing. Contacting new clients has always been the most difficult operation, especially in this situation where they would be unaware of Peritus. Hayward Miller’s function is to create a stable and growing sales pipeline.

Thanks to Hayward Miller for securing a meeting, Peritus are in discussion with a client operating in 4OO sites spread across the UK.  Peritus began the project by issuing a database of target companies. Hayward Miller formatted the data and then completed any missing information ready for the Telemarketing team to begin connecting with customers and building a steady rapport.

This is always in the pursuit of B.A.N.T. certified leads; – a method of assessing the quality of prospects and tracking them through the sales qualification process. Hayward Miller has systems and procedures in place designed to filter leads down to the most promising and likelihood of sale.

If you’d like to know more about Peritus Energy & Water, please contact the Peritus team at Hayward Miller:

Call: 01842 821 440


To see the Peritus website, click here.

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Written By Leyla Hussein


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