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What is Telemarketing?

A common misconception surrounding Telemarketing or Telesales agencies is we creates leads from cold calling. Understandably a lot of lead generation telemarketing companies do cold call, but at Hayward Miller, we avoid this, we warm call.

Our UK Telemarketing team, utilise their skills and sales techniques to strategically discover needs and build relationships.

We become far more successful in selling when we talk to the decision-maker. Our bespoke communication timeline helps us build the relationship and BANT qualify the leads, ensuring we are talking with an interested party. We use proven research and statistics in gauging our approach to each individual project.

We become your sales team and badge ourselves with your values, culture and branding. We train alongside each new client to ensure everyone is fully informed when talking to potential customers on telemarketing calls.

We always follow-up, follow-up and follow up!

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What does Hayward Miller’s Telemarketing Involve?

The Telemarketing team offer a range of services including:

Lead Generation

Identifying and approaching potential customers, turning cold leads into warm through continuous nurturing and regular follow-ups.

Brand Exposure

Raising awareness of your company via strategic telephone and email contact.

Telesales Scripts

We create optimised telephone and email scripts designed for success in your target sectors; you fully approve scripts before we utilise them.

BANT Qualified Leads

B.A.N.T stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. This is a method of assessing the quality of prospects and tracking them through the sales qualification process.


Providing existing customers with an opportunity to purchase higher end products, upgrades or additional items.

Customer Support

Providing general office administration, updating systems and databases and also collecting invaluable feedback from customers.


Selling your goods or services over the telephone and raising awareness of your product.

Appointment Making

Arranging appointments for you to meet potential customers.

…we are your Telemarketing team!