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Angry Telemarketer

Why Telesell, when you can Telemarket?

“It’s that blasted company again, I’ve already told them I’M NOT INTERESTED. Why would they call me thinking I’d be interested in THAT!” Sound Familiar? We’ve all experienced those dreaded scripted sales calls where it is obvious that the caller has NO IDEA who you are. They’re calling number after number with a stagnant script…
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Conference Room

Are you a Leader? Or a Manager?

“Managers light a fire UNDER people; Leaders light a fire IN people.” – Kathy Austin Do you agree? I often debate the differences between a Manager and a Leader. Both are authoritative roles, but sometimes the line drawn to separate the two can SMUDGE. This makes it incredibly difficult to know when you are LEADING…
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Risk Taking

Are there Rewards in Risk-Taking?

Do you take risks? Do they seem too daunting? Maybe you risk take often but find it doesn’t reap enough rewards? It’s difficult to judge when taking risks is appropriate – you often hear how successful entrepreneurs met their success through acts of risk-taking. This doesn’t necessarily mean its worth adopting that type of business…
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Empowering the Company to Run Itself

As a business owner, what were your main reasons for starting your business? To expand, grow and run a successful company? To be your own boss and look after your family? Or is it to have the company run itself and still be profitable without your leadership? Empowering for Delegation In order to accomplish any…
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Keeping Customers Loyal

How do you keep your customers loyal? This is something that many companies struggle to do for many different reasons. Creating a strategy that works requires a lot of trial and error, plus an enormous amount of time as each company is different. One strategy that works for one market may not work for the…
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Budgeting – More than just Finance

Budgeting is a term you either love or hate. Often you will hear instances such as; Are we sticking to the budget? We are under budget or the dreaded – We’ve gone over budget.  However, a budget is not simply a restricted pot of money. Meeting Expectations Budgeting concerns so much more than just allocating…
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Operating Your Business Ethically

Owning a business, as we know, is a never-ending management role. Despite the stress and worrying about finances, targets and morale – do you ever think about the ethics of your organisation? There is an expectation among all business to operate and behave ethically. By ethically I mean what our society deems morally to be…
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Communicating Health & Safety

Too often in business, Health & Safety is overlooked. Depending on the business, it can either be heavily enforced or not enforced enough. Upon a new starter’s arrival, they would have likely received the company’s Health & Safety policy in written form and then all the other company induction information. They’re then expected to read…
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The Secret Behind Hayward Miller

At Hayward Miller, we believe that frequent, effective communication is the key to selling. Following our own method called “The Hayward Miller Way”, we have proven procedures in place that allow our team to increase the probability of converting leads into sales. The B.A.N.T. Process The Hayward Miller Way encourages salespeople to firstly capture all…
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