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Your success is our passion. We are a team of sales professionals working across multiple sectors. We have grown more than 130 companies in the past 11 years, delivering sales in existing and new markets.

We are your sales team, we get you sales.

Andrew Hayward | Managing Director

“I want to share that feeling of absolute success”

I started Hayward Miller because I want to support companies who desire to grow. To bring my knowledge, expertise and experience to the tables of businesses that are passionate about the future of their company.

To share that feeling of absolute success when targets have exceeded and sales are through the roof. I and my team strive for this same goal. We relish being the facilitator for a variety of businesses supplying that moment to them.

We love success!


A Process that works.

To support your business, our sales solutions offer flexibility, cost savings and greater business opportunity. Utilising two or three of our main Elements: Market Research, Telemarketing and Business Development – we enable clients to accomplish their goals from our informed, organised and highly effective services.

Know who you can sell to.

– Database Generation
– Market Strategy
– Competitor Analysis
– B2B Interviews
– Questionnaires
– Focus Groups
– Contract Identification

Follow up, follow up, follow up.

– Lead Generation
– Brand Exposure
– Telesales Scripts
– BANT Qualified Leads
– Appointment Making
– Customer Support
– Upselling
– Telesales

Collaborate, network and grow.

– New Market Sectors
– Launch New Products
– Networking
– Client Visits
– Access to HML Network
– Sales Pipeline Management
– Plan for Future Growth

Our Values

The Secret to our Success

Our values are at the core of what we do, its our conduct and principles that make us stand out. We are diligent, honest, results-driven and always professional.


We associate with like-minded people. We believe in our Clients offering and their potential for growth.


We are proud people. We commit to our work and take care to get the best results for our clients.


We take all opportunities to understand you and what you desire. We strive to always exceed expectations.


We have custom systems and procedures that we have developed to work across all sectors and industries.

Communication is our Specialty

We hold communication responsible for all of our successes. We know and have proven that the following statistics put forward by the National Sales Association are true.

of salespeople make more than 3 contacts with a prospect

of salespeople never follow
up with a prospect

of sales are made on the
5th to 12th contact

“The team carry out diligent, methodical and valuable research and their upbeat, positive attitude certainly brings results.”

Chris Binks | Managing Director

Peritus Energy & Water Ltd

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Leaving Clients Satisfied.

We take pride in our service, we do more than just get you sales. We prepare you for sustainable growth.

We met with the Telemarketing Manager and one of the Business Development Managers and were immediately impressed with their professionalism and friendly approach which really dovetailed in with our business ethos.

Richard Baker | CEO

BakerWilcox Ltd

Hayward Miller have handled our project very well and we would certainly use them again thanks to their integrity and professionalism. We would recommend Hayward Miller to both SMEs and primes in defence and industry who are looking for experience and fulfilment in the sales process.


Stream Defence Systems Ltd

We would use Hayward Miller again on our future sales plans, and will highly recommend Hayward Miller if you are looking for a sales team who act like your own.

Amanda Cai | CEO

iContract Ltd

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