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Angry Telemarketer

Why Telesell, when you can Telemarket?

“It’s that blasted company again, I’ve already told them I’M NOT INTERESTED. Why would they call me thinking I’d be interested in THAT!” Sound Familiar? We’ve all experienced those dreaded scripted sales calls where it is obvious that the caller has NO IDEA who you are. They’re calling number after number with a stagnant script…
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New Client Makes Water Savings Simple

Peritus is a completely independent energy & water consultancy company who uniquely specialises in validating and auditing business energy and water billing. The company manages energy and water on behalf of businesses ranging from small to very large. The process is very simple. A new client grants a ‘Letter of Authority’, a document allowing Peritus…
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Isn’t Warm Calling, Just Cold Calling?

A common misconception surrounding sales calls is that callers pitching their product or service are all cold callers. This implies that the callers are blindly contacting whoever they can get details on and delivering their sales pitch without any prior research on who their relevant target market is. The Stigma surrounding Sales We have all…
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Telemarketing Team Grows Once More

We’ve shared quite a few newsletters over the last couple of months about our telemarketing team, but once again we have expanded our team with a new addition, Rachel McLeod. Rachel is a very experienced telemarketing professional who, before working with Hayward Miller, ran her own business within the sector. Rachel has a vast amount…
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Telemarketing Team Grows Due to Demand

Back in June we posted about our new recruitment process and it has once again proven effective, with the addition of another new telemarketer, Paul Monkhouse. Paul has vast experience across a range of different industry sectors, originally moving from engineering into sales & marketing. He then took a side step into care work, followed by teaching,…
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HML Diversifies into the Retail Sector

Hayward Miller has gained a new client in the retail sector, adding to our ever-growing list of markets. This coincides with a new associate Business Development Manager who specialises in the world of retail. The new client is Lemarc Display Systems, who design and manufacture bespoke point of sale display systems. Their patented system, Slatform,…
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New Client Specialising in Warehouse Relocation

Please welcome our latest client: Established in 2012, Retonomy currently has two streams of business:1. Supplier Management Consultancy2. Retonomy Industrial – Retail & Warehouse Relocation Retonomy Industrial is a newly established arm of the business and Hayward Miller have been brought in to assist with its growth. Retonomy Industrial provides a start to finish service,…
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