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Are you a Leader? Or a Manager?

“Managers light a fire UNDER people; Leaders light a fire IN people.” – Kathy Austin Do you agree? I often debate the differences between a Manager and a Leader. Both are authoritative roles, but sometimes the line drawn to separate the two can SMUDGE. This makes it incredibly difficult to know when you are LEADING…
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Success Does Not Define a Great Leader

In business, we are often inspired by the leaders of successful profitable businesses. We assume that the CEO’s and Managing Directors are the great leaders behind the success simply due to their position and wealth. We assume they possess qualities that led to their position today, however, profitability and successfulness do not determine great leadership.…
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Hayward Miller’s New Training Manager

Hayward Miller are fortunate to have gained experienced Training & Development Manager Mike Newboult; an important step towards further developing the training side of the business. Mike has created and delivered bespoke training packages in Sales, Customer Service and Leadership, amongst other, more specialist areas. The Hayward Miller premises at Thetford include dedicated training suites…
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