Sales Matters

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What is Sales Matters?

Sales Matters is a diagnostic workshop that is specifically tailored for management, sales and marketing teams to develop the resources and skills needed for success.

The Sales Matters workshop is used to analyse your business approach, your markets and your competition. Sales Matters shows you how to deliver exceptional new sales results through a comprehensive and bespoke procedure. Shorten the sales cycle and increase sales.

Remember . . . Sales Matters!

Business Puzzle

Define who you should be doing business with and why.

  • Perfectly Profiled Prospects
    • Analyse your current customers, the good, the bad and the …
    • Select reasons for a good customer and break these down through workshops.
    • What makes an ideal customer create a profile that all your team buy into and more importantly follow.
  • Compelling Sales Value Propositions
    • Analyse how you sell currently…does it work?
    • What could be done to make it easier, better, more efficient, profitable, enjoyable…and more.
    • Create a sales proposition that works and follow it!

Plan a clear and distinctive strategic direction for engagement.

  • Align Sales and Marketing to Drive More Sales
    • Everybody says “Sales and Marketing” as if they are the same thing. They are not.
      • Sales is selling things for money in order to make a profit, be it services or products.
      • Marketing is brand awareness, aligning your customers, now and in the future. Marketing raises awareness and provides services to “support” the sales function.
    • It is amazing how many times we come across dysfunction between these two departments.
  • Understand Market Changes that will Affect your Prospects
    • Markets are always changing. You need to analyse the changes to know how they will affect your sales.
    • What do your customers really want?
    • What are your competitors doing and why?
  • Engage Key Messaging to “open the doors”
    • People sell to people. Relationships are developed in many ways but if you know how to create a key message you can open the doors more easily and make the sales process faster, creating greater profits through efficiencies. Sales pipelines can be increased by a great deal. One client saw the sales pipeline increase by more than 500% three months after the Sales Matters workshop.

Create the skills and actions that will not only open up new opportunities but win sales.

  • Unleash Hidden Value through “Creative Thinking” and “Prospect Centric” Tools
    • Your team all have good ideas, and you need to share them, discuss them, break them down, rebuild them, refine them…create new opportunities that your whole company can see and agree on.
  • Find Market Gaps to Identify New Revenue Streams
    • What opportunities are in the market, within your current capability and profitable.
  • Get Appointments with the Correct Decision Makers
    • You can make fifteen correct calls a day and increase your sales.
    • Select your decision-maker, research them, organise your approach and execute with aplomb.
    • Meet the right decision-maker and get the sale.
  • Maintain Existing Business and Upsell New Products and New Services
    • Many people spend so much time looking for a new business that they neglect the potential that is directly in front of them.
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