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Design: A vital element in Successfully Marketing your Business.

I strongly believe that design is much more than simply a pretty picture. Design influences our thoughts, our emotions, and the decisions we make. As someone who has always been creatively driven, from a young age I have found myself drawn to aspects of design in the outside world. From opening the packaging when making…
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The Future of Social Media lays within Virtual Reality.

Social media has been dominant across all ages over the past 15 years, from young budding teens staying up to date with the latest trends on Tiktok to their elderly grandparents wanting to comment on their village Facebook page. As time goes on more and more users are joining and the growth of social media…
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Bedroom entrpreneur

If there is no risk, there is no reward; the ease of starting a new business in the modern day.

My Dad always says to me if there is no risk there is no reward. I have always admired the courage it takes to set up a business by yourself. The unknown elements, the stress and the lack of guidance that comes with it are all at play when the thought comes across my mind. …
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Standing there in my Lycra

There was a valuable business lesson in my garage this week. After moving house, my road bike has been stored away in the garage for a few months but the lure of the road is once again calling. So I duly donned my cycling gear, lots of lycra and safety gear, you get the idea. When I…
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An Important Update about COVID-19

Currently there is a Government request to help make NHS ventilators. Any businesses who can support this effort – manufacturers and businesses with design, medical and logistics capabilities please see here. The COVID-19 crisis currently unfolding is affecting everyone, but certain industries and local businesses will carry a heavier burden than others. During these uncertain…
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Here are 5 everyday items you wouldn’t think were 3D-Printed

3D Printed solutions have transformed the way we manufacture products. Its fast turnaround and cheap production processes are incredibly appealing to manufacturers. Plastics among other common materials including metals, glass, ceramics, carbon fibre, and various resins, can be used in 3D Printing. This range in materials shows how versatile 3D printed technologies is, so here are 5…
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Do you Possess an Exceptional Employee?

As we all know, recruiting for the right type of employee is a long and tedious process. The traditional markers of spotting an exceptional employee focused on experience, skills, and certifications over everything else. Despite these, all being important as passionate and determined indicators in the candidate… it doesn’t necessarily capture their personality, culture, and…
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Angry Telemarketer

Why Telesell, when you can Telemarket?

“It’s that blasted company again, I’ve already told them I’M NOT INTERESTED. Why would they call me thinking I’d be interested in THAT!” Sound Familiar? We’ve all experienced those dreaded scripted sales calls where it is obvious that the caller has NO IDEA who you are. They’re calling number after number with a stagnant script…
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Conference Room

Are you a Leader? Or a Manager?

“Managers light a fire UNDER people; Leaders light a fire IN people.” – Kathy Austin Do you agree? I often debate the differences between a Manager and a Leader. Both are authoritative roles, but sometimes the line drawn to separate the two can SMUDGE. This makes it incredibly difficult to know when you are LEADING…
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