The Undeniable Value of Video Marketing

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The Undeniable Value of Video Marketing

By Ben Cardy

The lucrative tool of video marketing (VM) has been on a monumental and persistently steep climb since the creation of Social Media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

There is no longer any hiding from the glaring fact that not only does using Social Media as a channel for marketing work, but it works exceptionally well! In fact, one survey found that 76% of marketers call it their most effective content format, whilst 27% of marketers say it provides the biggest ‘Return on Investment’ out of every marketing format in their arsenal (HubSpot, 2021).

With figures like that its no wonder why every major business is rapidly turning towards resources such as TikTok and LinkedIn to gain more customers, investors and even staff. Time and time again we see enormous companies flooding our timelines and ‘For You Pages’ with their latest products and statistics in an informed and almost always successful fight for consumers. Since 2017, video marketing has become so prominent that the amount of businesses  using ‘VM’ has risen by a staggering 23% rising from 63% to 86% (Wyzowl).


“Why do I keep seeing the same ad over and over again relentlessly popping up?” Well, because it works and to astounding proportions at that. In fact, 84% of people claim to have been convinced enough to buy a product that they have seen in a brands video online (Optinmonster).


Why not utilise this incredible asset as soon as possible? There are so many benefits that its hard to imagine not taking advantage of video marketing for any business.

First and foremost, it’s free. In today’s climate it is almost unheard of to have free access to any amenities, let alone unpaid access to one billion potential customers and clients on TikTok alone. Furthermore, it is the best way of keeping your brand in customers minds and memories. One study by Insivia showed that viewers retain 95% of a message from a video and when compared to the figure of 10% from text (Insivia) it just highlights how effective video marketing truly is.

To name but a few additional benefits that video marketing can have on businesses and companies:

  • It helps to reach out to a potentially different type of audience.

One of the most positive aspects of VM is that Social Media casts a wide net that captures the interest of a vast and varied range of people all with their own specific needs and experiences.

  • It works as a passive tool to gain trust with both clients and potential recruitment prospects.


  • A little video marketing goes a long way, to the extent that it has been estimated that one minute of video marketing is equal to approximately 1.8 million words (Insivia).



In conclusion everyday it is becoming more and more essential for businesses to join in on the wave of video marketing that is constantly sweeping through the digital marketplace. If you wish to keep your company relevant and modern in the age of Social Media, then maybe you should consider the value of video marketing.

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