Our New Client Creates Bespoke Web Platforms

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Our New Client Creates Bespoke Web Platforms

Welcome to our newest client – CD2 Solutions.

CD2 is a web design & development company, specialising in the creation of bespoke web platforms that deliver real results. They build every site from the ground up, making sure it encompasses exactly what the client needs and wants. From social media sites to advanced learning platforms, and management systems to events platforms, CD2 is more than just a website company.

CD2 also has vast experience of creating e-commerce sites, which has allowed them to understand the challenges involved with this type of platform. The latest venture for CD2 is a complete e-commerce solution, which solves two major problems associated with online selling – Trust and Exposure. CD2’s e-commerce solutions overcome these problems by integrating your e-commerce site with online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, therefore linking you with reputable names, as well as increasing your online presence. This, in turn, will lead to increased sales and revenue.

Hayward Miller is working with CD2 to promote this new service, through focused market research and telemarketing. Hayward Miller is also very familiar with the world of e-commerce, from working with our client 1st Bike UK, selling motorcycle clothing, parts and accessories. We know that a great site is very important, as well as having a good reputation amongst customers and potential customers.

This is where CD2 Solutions can help. Below is just a small selection of their work.

Hayward Miller is a sales resource company. It works with companies that for whatever reason require Telemarketing, Market Research or Business Development. In many cases after initial consultation, it becomes apparent that our clients require a combination of these services. We work on the basis of a day rate to our clients. Once we have a better idea of your requirements we will advise on how many days per month are required to meet your objectives. Having agreed this we would normally put together a contract for a minimum of six months.

If you’d like to know more about CD2 Solutions and what they offer, please contact the team at Hayward Miller:

Call: 01842 821440

Email: contact@haywardmiller.co.uk

To see CD2’s website: www.cd2solutions.co.uk

Written By Laurel Deegan


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