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A Design for Success

It’s been a busy summer for Hayward Miller, with several new clients signing up for our services. This includes BakerWilcox, a multi-disciplined design agency with offices in London and Kent.

BakerWilcox works with clients all around the world, from LA to Hong Kong, and Venezuela to Copenhagen. The majority of BW’s work is in design for print literature, including brochures, brand/corporate identity, packaging and advertising. The agency also designs for digital, such as websites, apps and other online platforms. One area in particular where BakerWilcox has received widespread recognition is in its infographics.

The infographic above, showcasing all dresses worn by Best Actress Oscar award-winners, went viral, being picked up by fashion press across the globe. The work is estimated to have been viewed one hundred million times.

BW’s customer base forms a diverse range, including retailers, publishers, charities, financial services companies and film industry clients. BakerWilcox has been involved in several movie marketing and branding campaigns, including artwork for animated films Yellowbird and Charming. The film industry is one sector in which BakerWilcox would particularly like to grow its business.

BakerWilcox also works with another of our clients, iContract, in designing their brochures and useful video animation guides.

Whether you need an advertising campaign or an exhibition stand designing, BakerWilcox can provide an innovative solution.

If you’d like to know more about Baker Wilcox and what they offer, please contact the team at Hayward Miller:

Call: 01842 821440

Email: contact@haywardmiller.co.uk

To see the Baker Wilcox website: www.bakerwilcox.com

Written By Samantha Sacks


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