Our Latest Client Brings your Vision to Life

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Our Latest Client Brings your Vision to Life

We are pleased to announce one of our latest clients is The Plasticom Group. Plasticom is most easily described as an injection moulding company, although their services go far beyond this description. The group’s history dates back to 1960, with a rebranding in 1993 when they became “The Plasticom Group” based in Ashford, Kent.

Their main services are Injection Moulding, Toolmaking, Assembly and Packaging. From Design for Manufacture and Prototype Tooling through to full Production Tooling they are capable of supplying most injection moulding needs.


Moulding runs can be in batches of hundreds through to continuous depending on their customers’ needs. They continue to run production through the night when required.

Plasticom use both single and twin shot (2 shot) moulding and over moulding. They can accommodate two colour moulding and prototype moulding, and have capacity for short, medium and large batch continuous runs. Shot weights can be up to 2Kg in their larger machines. In-mould labelling is now in greater demand as it speeds up the manufacturing process as a whole for some customers.


Plasticom’s toolmaking department produces Prototype Tooling, Production Tooling, Repairs worn tooling, Modifies and Upgrades existing tooling. They receive tooling from other global sites, and easily convert existing tooling to fit one of their many moulding machines.

Assembly & Packaging:

Plasticom use various methods of additional manufacturing, assembly, test and packaging. From Ultrasonic welding of medical devices and electrical device assembly through to cleanroom testing, printing and finally packaging the finished product. They ship finished parts all over the world for their customers.

With customers such as Toyota and GlaxoSmithKlein through to Stanley Tools and Games Workshop Plasticom manufacture a wide variety of products.

Plasticom hold ISO 9001 and ISO 15013485:2012 and operate two cleanrooms to Class 7 and 1345 respectively.

Hayward Miller are working with The Plasticom Group through our Managed Services product, to identify & deliver new clients and, just as importantly, increase Plasticom’s brand exposure. Hayward Miller are excited to be working with Plasticom and look forward to helping the company become even more profitable and successful in 2018.

If you’d like to know more about Plasticom and what they offer, please contact the team at Hayward Miller:

Call: 01842 821440

Email: contact@haywardmiller.co.uk

To see the Plasticom website: www.plasticomgroup.com

Written By Sophie Kierman


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