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New Recruitment Client Saves You Time and Money

CWS Group is a search and selection recruitment company specialising in sectors including but not limited to; – engineering, automotive, landscaping and ground maintenance. The company is based in Leicester and have been in the industry for 27 years saving companies time and money. The CWS group dedicate their time and efforts towards getting to…
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New Client Makes Water Savings Simple

Peritus is a completely independent energy & water consultancy company who uniquely specialises in validating and auditing business energy and water billing. The company manages energy and water on behalf of businesses ranging from small to very large. The process is very simple. A new client grants a ‘Letter of Authority’, a document allowing Peritus…
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New Charitable Client Offering Educational Services

Excel In Key Subjects (Excel) is an educational not-for-profit charity establishment made up of qualified, highly experienced proven secondary school teachers. The aim is to improve grades for students between the ages of 13 to 19. Excel provide expertise in a wide array of topics concerning qualifications like KS3, GCSEs, AS and A2 level and…
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Hayward Miller Is Now GDPR Compliant

We are pleased to announce that, as from February 2018, Hayward Miller is compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR). Why are we sharing this with you? Read on…. GDPR and what it means to UK business’s Data protection in Europe is about to change significantly. The GDPR regulation is…
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Our Latest Client Brings your Vision to Life

We are pleased to announce one of our latest clients is The Plasticom Group. Plasticom is most easily described as an injection moulding company, although their services go far beyond this description. The group’s history dates back to 1960, with a rebranding in 1993 when they became “The Plasticom Group” based in Ashford, Kent. Their…
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4 Reasons Being Active On Social Media Is Important For Your Business

A lot of businesses don’t understand the importance of social media and how beneficial it can be. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, there’s a platform for you to utilise and grow the exposure of your brand. At HML we have come to terms with the ever-changing world of social media. Every member of…
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Why Outsourcing Your Sales Could Be the Best Thing for Your Business

Sales are the most important thing for any business. Some would refer to it as the heart of the business as, without sales, your company wouldn’t be a success. Outsourcing your sales might not be something you’ve considered, or maybe you have tried it before and had no success from it. Below are a few…
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Our New Client Trains the Next Top Hotel Staff

This week we’re pleased to be able to tell you about one of our newest clients, Reception Academy. Reception Academy, based in the heart of London, offer vocational training to people with a desire to start a career in hospitality and provide hotels with skilled staff across all departments. Reception Academy believe that passion, hard…
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Why you need a Sales Strategy

This week’s newsletter is about something we often get asked – What is a sales strategy and why do I need one? What is a sales strategy? A sales strategy is a plan of action to increase your sales and profitability, whether through diversifying your offering or growing your business. What does a sales strategy…
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