Successful Managers, Successful Business.

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Successful Managers, Successful Business.

How well do you feel your managers are behaving?

Within a business, the manager’s role is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees, projects, and organisations. They must be brilliant delegators, distributing tasks to their team as well as ensuring their own time is well spent. They play a vital part in the smooth running of the business and must make impactful decisions on behalf of the company; therefore, your managers must possess certain qualities.

There are many elements which make an exceptional manager:

Communication: To be a successful manager, an individual must have sufficient verbal and written communication skills and be able to adapt to a specific audience whilst remaining clear, concise, and easy to understand. They should be a good listener yet take control of situations in a professional and appropriate manner. A manager should not hold back in keeping their employees informed and must always think before they act.

 Teamwork and Relationships: Seen as an ambassador and role model, a manager should respect and value diversity within a team, being motivational and encouraging to their colleagues to ensure a collaborative working relationship is maintained throughout. They must respond effectively to requests from other colleagues, departments, and customers even if they feel it is out of their expertise and intervene to resolve problems where they feel appropriate. A good manager will always be willing to coach and support others especially during peak workloads, and recognises the contributions from employees, giving praise accordingly.

 Adapting to Change: Managers must always question why there has been a specific outcome and avoid purely following past practice. They should be willing to change decisions when given new information and proactively suggest changes for improvement. Whilst working under own initiative, they should also ask for feedback from other colleagues and use it as an opportunity to gather new ideas, change and modify the company’s approach.

 Planning and Organisation: All managers must have a good understanding of work priorities and know what needs to be achieved to meet the companies’ goals. They should set realistic targets and continue to monitor these, ensuring all tasks and deadlines are completed in a timely manner and to the best possible standard. Importantly, a manager needs to be able to take initiative, and act without waiting for direction. 

Ability to Analyse: A forward thinking manager identifies and gathers the information which is critical to making the correct decisions in a timely manner. They review situations and apply their judgement to develop reasonable solutions, getting to the root of the problem.

One of our clients helps businesses to improve their management approach by providing interactive and engaging e-learning courses that carefully teaches the skills and competencies needed to enhance the overall performance of managers, pushing them to deliver results. Carefully designed to suit any sector, the programme can prepare new managers for their role, but also update the skills of even the most experienced.  

If you feel that your managers need upskilling, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

By Becky Frost. 

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