The Benefits of Outsourcing

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The Benefits of Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring another company or team to deliver some of your own business processes. The term seems to have a negative connotation; if a company claims that its sales department is outsourced, others may argue that the business is inefficient and must have consistency issues with the service. They believe that outsourcing means a business will “lose” control of its own processes or weaken its personality when actually its very much the opposite.

What can I get from it?

Outsourcing any part of your company can result in a tremendous amount of benefits. The main advantage is the time you save. You’re hiring experts in that field and no specialist training is necessary. What Hayward Miller find important when we gain a new client is to really understand the whole company, not just its operations but its values, culture and vision. This is the personality of the company and what customers will interface with. No customer will identify us as any different to our client’s salespeople, just that they had a great sales experience with knowledgeable people. We care for our clients and we care for their customers, continuity is key.

With Outsourcing, time is simply not all you save but ultimately money too. Think of how much money your company may have invested in training an employee? Think about the time you or others have spent to train them as well?

This is not to say that you should always outsource, but if time and money are precious to you, it’s certainly a viable option. It’s understandable that the example given above is not applicable to all businesses. A company could have hired a more capable, equipped individual to carry out sales. However, this type of individual will demand a premium annual salary, which again can weigh heavily on any company and will take months to see if they are effective at the job.


Outsourcing typically consists of hiring a whole team. For the same price of hiring a sales manager, you could gain a team of sales experts! Aside from the obvious benefit of having more experts in your team, there is the “collaboration effect”. The team will already know each other, work well together, have a solid work ethic and already have the resources and facilities they’re efficient with. Additionally, there will be many ideas and solutions to support your business. You will have a professional, communicative team who will provide you with results, – “Your own sales team!”

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Written By Leyla Hussein


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