Here are 5 everyday items you wouldn’t think were 3D-Printed

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Here are 5 everyday items you wouldn’t think were 3D-Printed

3D Printed solutions have transformed the way we manufacture products. Its fast turnaround and cheap production processes are incredibly appealing to manufacturers. Plastics among other common materials including metals, glass, ceramics, carbon fibre, and various resins, can be used in 3D Printing.

This range in materials shows how versatile 3D printed technologies is, so here are 5 everyday items you wouldn’t think were 3D-Printed:

5. This heart-shaped pizza:

Could pizza become as convenient and easy to make as autonomous coffee machines? Will there be a pizza machine at your local garage or workplace? 3D printing could make this a reality, although Papa John might not be too pleased.

Jeffrey Hosier | Business Insider

4. This “rib caged” Violin:

A unique sound but not dissimilar to a traditional violin. In terms of design, this violin is incredibly unusual and could provide the basis for creating new instruments that vary in sound and style. A new age for orchestras.

3. A fully operational Pistol:

Despite all the good that 3D printing can provide, it also highlights quite a worrying truth. 3D printed guns…quite an incredible feat but also an unsettling one as 3D printing is not only used commercially but also privately.

Rebecca Morelle | BBC World Service

2. The World’s Largest 3D-Printed Boat:

Building a boat requires a large 3D Printer, but its speedy production in comparison to today’s traditional processes of making moulds and skeleton structures is quite dramatic.

1. Human Organs

Once the barrier of compatibility is overcome, the reality of receiving a 3d printed organ as a transplant could be viable soon. Imagine how many people awaiting organ transplants could benefit from this development.

Will these fabricated organs be more reliable than our natural ones, will they be susceptible to the same problems?

3D Printing is taking over the manufacturing world as we know it. Here is how we can help:

At Hayward Miller, we are well-informed with processes concerning Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and new technologies like Figure 4.  Just ask our friends over at Prototype Projects.

Do you have a design you need to test? Do you want to show the functionality of your product in a board room? Manufacture your final design with confidence.

Should you need a quick turnaround prototyped part or model, look no further than Prototype Projects. Having been involved in the industry for 40 years, they have perfected the process and produce high-quality prototypes.

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