A Day in the life… of a Telemarketer!

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A Day in the life… of a Telemarketer!

Its Monday morning, you have just clocked in at work at 8 AM anticipating a busy but motivating day ahead. You are working for a different client every day which keeps you on your toes and this morning you are the sales representative for a Secure Printing company. This makes a change from the Sheet Metal company on Friday, or the GDPR company the day before. Although sometimes it can be challenging you enjoy working for multiple clients as it doesn’t allow your job to become repetitive or boring.

You start off by logging onto your database and start making calls. This requires you to be patient and resilient as it can take time to get anywhere with Telemarketing. You keep chipping away with the calls, implementing your chatty nature to the client. Although it can take a while, you enjoy the satisfaction of developing a good sales relationship.

As you monitor your past calls you discover an email from an interested party from a previous sales call. They want to organise a meeting to discuss your sales approach further. You love this side of the job because you find it natural to develop relationships and get your upbeat positive personality across to the potential client which can lead to sales.

You talk to your manager about the email, asking for their opinion and guidance as well as suggesting ideas about the approach to them. This is the beauty of your job; you can have a real impact on the processes which makes you feel valued.

Fast forward a couple of months and after a few meetings over Zoom accompanied by your MD, the client agrees to go ahead with the deal. This sale was generated entirely because of YOU and YOUR skills. Your tenacity with the calls and resilience to keep going has meant you relish this opportunity. The feeling of getting these sales for your company gives you a buzz you cannot describe, you’re like a kid at Xmas! (After all, you are going to take home a tidy slice of commission!).

Your Managing Director is ecstatic with the deal and wants nothing more than to help you work your way up the company. Today is a good day, it’s not always like this in Telemarketing it can take time to get a sale, however this makes you relish the achievement and makes you hungry for more.
Tomorrows a new day, you’re working for a different client chomping at the bit after your recent sale. This keeps you motivated and hungry for more success. This is the day of a Telemarketer.

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By Dan Wright

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