Meet Our Newest Business Development Manager

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Meet Our Newest Business Development Manager

Gareth McGrath has recently joined Hayward Miller as a Business Development Manager, focusing initially on bringing new clients on board. Gareth is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IOM3, who has spent much of his career in providing joining technology solutions for innovative new products and helping established businesses introduce new products to market. Gareth has a great deal of experience in business development in a range of sectors, which makes Hayward Miller a perfect match.

Gareth started off in the steel industry and trained as a metallurgist, but when this sector faded out he decided to return to education. He obtained a PhD in Thermoplastic Composites in collaboration with Westland Helicopters. He went on to work for the Royal Aerospace Establishment as a composites engineer. From here, he moved to TWI where he set up The Centre for Adhesive Technology, among other achievements. His time at TWI also involved working on Formula 1 cars for McLaren, joining solutions for the A380 wing and design of the Lotus Elise chassis.

In 2003 Gareth joined Gentex Corporation a US Defence company, who specialise in personal safety equipment for the military. He started out as the European Business Development Manager, commercialising a new technology for laser welding of plastics and technology monitoring for adoption into new products. He then became a Global Manager, working in countries all over the world. Gareth worked in many sectors during his time at Gentex, including fuel cells, medical devices, technical textiles, packaging and advanced engineering.

Following this, Gareth worked at the National Physical Laboratory as a Group Leader where he was responsible for Business Development, staff development and budget management. His technical remit covered Magnetics, Electronics, Alternative Energy and commercial strategy for new technologies.

Gareth’s most recent position was at Anglia Ruskin, as Strategic Projects Development Manager. Notable projects included securing a winning bid from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to help small businesses in East Anglia, performing an assessment of the venture capitalist landscape in the UK, in regards to SMEs, and creating Business strategies for commercialisation of Engineering Services.

After leaving this role, Gareth was headhunted by a company in the Netherlands, which rekindled his excitement for business development. That’s when he discovered the position at Hayward Miller, which he describes as an ideal fit. “Hayward Miller is the most enjoyable workplace I have been in” says Gareth. “There is a great company culture here and I have really enjoyed my first month.”

Written By Laurel Deegan


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