Hayward Miller’s New Training Manager

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Hayward Miller’s New Training Manager

Hayward Miller are fortunate to have gained experienced Training & Development Manager Mike Newboult; an important step towards further developing the training side of the business.

Mike has created and delivered bespoke training packages in Sales, Customer Service and Leadership, amongst other, more specialist areas. The Hayward Miller premises at Thetford include dedicated training suites which can accommodate groups from one to 30 people. All services can be delivered on your site for a truly tailored approach. Additionally, Mike is committed to providing regular internal training to Hayward Miller staff on a range of key topics. According to the Employer Skills Survey 2015ⁱ, published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), only 51% of small businesses undertake workplace training, compared with 96% of businesses with over 100 employees. Hayward Miller recognises the importance of learning and development. These are crucial in the continued growth of this company, as the team builds on current knowledge to improve their unique skillsets even further.

Mike brings with him 20 years of training know-how, being an expert in designing tailor-made courses, including embedding legislation into the workplace. He has provided both commercial and Government-funded courses, including working on quality-assured apprenticeship programmes. Mike is a qualified teacher in covering the functional skills suite.

For more details about the courses available, please refer to the Sales Training tab.

Written By Laurel Deegan


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