Hayward Miller Take On Another Business Development Manager

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Hayward Miller Take On Another Business Development Manager

thumb_DSC_0022_1024In the fourth appointment over the last four months, Collin Nunn joins Hayward Miller as its new Business Development Manager.

Collin began his sales career in the medical division of Smiths Industries, working as an Area and Sales Manager in both the Critical Care and Emergency Care departments. He then established a UK subsidiary for a New Jersey-based medical company, followed by a variety of international positions and sales trainer roles in the USA. Most recently Collin has worked in the electricals and construction industries, focusing on business development and bid management. He has broad experience in managing, mentoring and coaching sales teams.

Collin enables Hayward Miller to break out into new markets, as he brings additional areas of expertise to the company. He is also looking to expand his own knowledge base in order to continue HML’s ongoing work in the defence and aerospace sectors. Collin believes that “Success in all markets is dependent upon hiring the right people, supporting them and challenging them to succeed.” The team believes Collin is the right person for the job and looks forward to the new opportunities he will create. Collin’s main obligation is to ensure the continued success of Hayward Miller through identifying prospects, making new contacts and converting leads.

Before starting in sales, Collin was originally an Anaesthetic Technician at the West Suffolk Hospital, and before long moved on to managing the Anaesthetic Support Team for the Royal United Hospital in Bath. Collin is also a trained scuba diving instructor.

Welcome, Collin!

Written By Laurel Deegan


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