Telemarketing Team Grows Due to Demand

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Telemarketing Team Grows Due to Demand

Back in June we posted about our new recruitment process and it has once again proven effective, with the addition of another new telemarketer, Paul Monkhouse.

Paul has vast experience across a range of different industry sectors, originally moving from engineering into sales & marketing. He then took a side step into care work, followed by teaching, before moving back to sales. Paul’s sales experience spans from packaging to food & drink, and from business supplies to freezers. Within these sales roles, Paul has been responsible for account management, telemarketing, supplier liaison, customer service, preparing contracts, marketing, and training. He also has training in Professional Selling, Negotiation and Public Speaking. Additionally, Paul is a Freelance Journalist, with 16 years’ experience writing about music and theatre.

Like one of our other telemarketers Fleur, Paul’s telemarketing style is influenced by his background in care work and teaching, making him very understanding and an excellent listener. This, together with his sales skills, is a winning combination for Paul, who is already experiencing a lot of success in generating leads.

At the group interview stage, Paul was asked why he wanted to join Hayward Miller, and this was his response: “The challenge to push myself, to learn and grow, and to be part of growing a bright future for Hayward Miller. What also appeals to me is being in a dynamic environment that stretches my skills. What stands out to me most is the commitment of the staff – happy staff equals better business!”

We look forward to seeing Paul continue to flourish at Hayward Miller and generate outstanding results for both HML and its clients.

We are always looking for the right people to join our expanding company, so if you’d like to get involved at this exciting time, simply send a CV to

Written By Laurel Deegan


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