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Recruiting for two new jobs

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Recruiting for two new jobs

Hayward Miller Ltd (HM) is a small prractive sales consultancy business. The company started in 2010 and currently employs a small team of poeple. There are also number of contracted Asociates that support the business on a part-time basis. HM recently moved offices as a part of a 6 year growth plan to expand the business localy and nationaly.

Hayward Miller are recruiting for two created jobs roles, both based in Thetford, Norfolk.

Market Researcher – Conduct Market Research

Make telephone calls for market data. Present clear documented summary’s and reports. Manage online ecommerce databases. Full time or Part time

Sales Administrator – Telesales, via resaerch (magasine/internet/exhibitions) or direct contact make cold calls to determine  contact and decision maker to determine if HM’s Clients are a good fit and if yes secure appointment with HM representative. Lead generation and database management. Full time

For more details apply by email [email protected] or speak to us by telephone on 01842 768 370.

You will be required to provide a CV, two refrences and the completion of a short 10 minute box selection profile form.

What do HM do?

HML offers sales services to other companies. These companies may not have a sales team or are suffering from poor sales teams and proceedures. The three main business streams are:-

  • Sales support
    • HM sales team is contracted from 2 to 20 days per month for a fixed period or in an ongoing basis.
    • HM Sales team acts as the clients sales staff
      • The HM sales person uses the clients email addresses, business cards, broshures, etc. and acts as if employed by the client when facing the clients customers.
  • Business Consultency
    • We guide and coach Small to Medium Business’s (SME’s) through the sales and business management process.
    • Coaching business leaders to develop the sales propositon and create a value chain.
    • Create a profit
  • Training
    • Sales,
    • Leadership
    • Change Management

Written by Andrew Hayward (Managing Director)


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