Why Telesell, when you can Telemarket?

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Why Telesell, when you can Telemarket?

Angry Telemarketer

It’s that blasted company again, I’ve already told them I’M NOT INTERESTED. Why would they call me thinking I’d be interested in THAT!”

Sound Familiar?

We’ve all experienced those dreaded scripted sales calls where it is obvious that the caller has NO IDEA who you are. They’re calling number after number with a stagnant script delivering a very IRRELEVANT sales pitch.

The result?

The salesperson leaves the listener (and I say ‘listener’ as there is usually no conversation to be had) very frustrated. Not only has their time been WASTED but they are forevermore reluctant to answer calls from unknown numbers.

Worst of all, the majority of these types of salespeople, either don’t take notes or don’t take no as an answer….and guess what?

They’ll call back. REPEATEDLY.

This problem makes it a far more volatile working environment for salespeople who DO target, investigate and warm up their lead. Companies have now made MILLIONS from number blocking software because of Cold Calls.

People are actively searching and investing in new ways to PREVENT incoming sales calls.

Cold Calling needs to STOP.

It’s not that people hate salespeople, it’s that they hate being called when the service is IRRELEVANT.


Make your sales calls RELEVANT

Conduct Market Research. Make WARM calls.
Know who you are calling,  know FULLY what the company does and what their role is. There is no bigger turn-off than an under-prepared salesperson, so BE PREPARED. Research the industry, research the company and research the people.
Once you’ve done your research, know how to MARKET your business. You should have a well-rounded idea of the company you’re targeting and have come up with a strategy to APPEAL to their needs.
Now to make the call and deliver the pitch.
MARKET your own company in a position that is most favourable to your prospect. Put more EMPHASIS on a particular service if it pertains to their NEEDS more so than others.
Know and believe in what you are selling – you’ve done your market research and can be assured that your prospect has a need and is likely to be interested in what you have to say.
Don’t just rely on your CHARM.
Express your knowledge of the industry and recommend some useful materials – either on your own website or elsewhere.
A lot of salespeople can come across pushy and arrogant and your prospects are likely to expect the same of you.
This is why this next point is so IMPORTANT!

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Written By Leyla Hussein


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