Design: A vital element in Successfully Marketing your Business.

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Design: A vital element in Successfully Marketing your Business.

I strongly believe that design is much more than simply a pretty picture. Design influences our thoughts, our emotions, and the decisions we make.

As someone who has always been creatively driven, from a young age I have found myself drawn to aspects of design in the outside world. From opening the packaging when making my morning cereal, to the adverts that pop up on my phone and tv as I wind down for the evening. Design is everywhere, and as a society we are constantly consuming it.

When thinking of corporate businesses such as Coca-Cola, it is easy to paint an image of their iconic branding in your head. As a business, they are constantly striving to put their creative foot forward within their marketing, from their eye-catching graphics to their famous Coca-Cola Christmas adverts. It could be argued that the success of Coca-Cola lies solely in their focus on building their brand instead of their product, remaining consistent when communicating their values. Perhaps if all businesses big and small were to utilise the same approach in their marketing campaigns through design; selling an idea or experience instead of a physical product, they could see a significant rise in sales. The effective use of design gives customers a reason to buy from you, and not your competitors.

Opening my own small business in 2020 selling gift wrap and greetings cards, I have experienced first-hand how the overall design and presentation of your products and services can impact your sales. Possessing a consistent style and clarity to the way you present your business tells a unique story and directs the viewers eye to your services – whether that be through your website, advertising, or social media posts.

I have found that as my online shop has developed, I have discovered my personal voice and my customer engagement has increased. As a business I make sure that all my product listings are visually consistent, the colours complement each other well with my branding, and that my products are photographed to a high standard. When posting on my website and social media, I keep the content fresh with direct information as if personally communicating with a customer. It is details such as these which are vital when reaching out to your clients, giving them an incentive to purchase your products or services.

To put it in a nutshell, great design makes for great marketing and in the growing age of social media, successful design could be the ingredient that that pushes your company forward and increases brand awareness.

By Becky Frost.

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