We’re Cyber Secure and You Should Be Too

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We’re Cyber Secure and You Should Be Too

As a business, one of our biggest worries is having a cyber breach or being attacked by hackers. This can cause huge disruption, waste a lot of staff’s time and can also exploit private information or customer databases, which can ultimately ruin a business.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from a breach in the system, as the recent huge NHS cyber-attack proved to the world. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed accreditation that allows companies to demonstrate how seriously they take cyber security.

Organisations assess themselves against five key security controls:

1.    Boundary Firewalls Internet Gateways

2.    Secure Configuration

3.    Access Control

4.    Malware Protection

5.    Patch Management

When properly implemented, these five controls provide a basic level of protection against Internet-based attackers.

The Cyber Essentials certification process involved Hayward Miller completing a self-assessment questionnaire based on the five security controls outlined above. This then had to be approved by a senior member of our business before the assessment was submitted. This was reviewed by an external certification body who decided whether or not we had adequate security controls in place. We found out that we had achieved the Cyber Essentials within 24 hours of submitting our application.

Gaining the Cyber Essentials certification shows that, as a company, we have put the proper measures in place to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks.

If you would like more information on Cyber Essentials and the importance of cyber security, be sure to click on the link below and check out the website.

On a related topic, we will soon be uploading a newsletter on how to make sure your business complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This is a new law which will affect all businesses, due to be implemented on 25th May 2018. Look out for our advice soon!

Written By Georgia Mcghee


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