Make your customers go OOH, The benefits of Digital Out of Home advertising.

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Make your customers go OOH, The benefits of Digital Out of Home advertising.

Out of home advertising is a form of advertising which can be found outside of the consumer’s home, typically in the forms of billboards, bus shelters and benches. In our current digital world, out of home advertising combines with advancements in technology to become a powerful tool for marketers in pursuit of growing their business.

Digital out of home advertising has a large audience reach, with 70% of a consumer’s day on average being spent outside of the house, whether that being a commute to work or a trip to the shops, out of home advertising surrounds us and is guaranteed to reach a wide customer base.

The placements of the advertisements are very location specific and are always close to the point of sale. The locations of DOOH adverts are always strategically selected to aim a particular message at the correct audience for optimum engagement. It also allows for more creative impact at a large scale, the adverts are usually simple but bold and include a clear call-to-action with a compelling image to tie it all together. Marketers will often add personalisation such as using a location-based media format to allow businesses to be locally relevant with their message and create lasting impressions.

Some of the most effective locations for displaying out of home advertisements are areas of transport, sports stadiums, and shopping centres as this is where people are usually killing time, using DOOH to share interesting and insightful information when people most need it can be great for building brand relationships. Placing DOOH ads near to a point of sale,(for example in a shopping centre), can effectively drive people into stores or to the point of purchase, impacting not only the brand awareness but also in-store values and sales revenue. In many cases, DOOH advertising is used in a way that is helpful to the consumer, for example train stations will alternate digital advertisements with travel maps and other relevant information on one digital display to ensure their customers are well informed. If you use digital out of home advertising for your business, your advert is more likely to engage as opposed to online advertising which can sometimes be seen as a distraction or disruption to an activity. Another benefit is that unlike most online and mobile ads, DOOH ads cannot be blocked, so your message is ensured to always reach the right audience.

DOOH adverts can help brands to reach a wider audience at a relatively lower cost to other OOH advertising, this is because most billboards and digital adverts will alternate on a single digital display. Another cost- efficient aspect of digital out of home advertising is programmatic DOOH, where the buying and selling of advertising is automated and ads are only paid for when the target audience is reached, saving marketers and SMB’s time negotiating with sellers. Due to the advanced technology of pDOOH platforms, advertisers can use mobile location data to better understand where their target audience spend their daily routines and therefore set their campaigns to deliver to the relevant audiences at the perfect moment when they walk or travel past the digital signage, meaning that their money is spent effectively.

Here at Hayward Miller, we work with clients that helps businesses to improve their marketing by making out of home advertising and premium inventory accessible for SMBs and agencies. Combining programmatic and premium inventory they create a smart platform to buy, manage and plan your digital out of home advertising. If this sounds like something your business could get involved with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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