How It Works

Your Complete Sales Solution

What is Managed Services?

Our complete sales solution, we become your sales team and get you sales.

The Managed Services package offers flexibility, cost savings and greater business opportunities. We enable clients to accomplish their goals from our informed, organised and highly effective services.

This package can be personalised to your business needs, whether you focus on Telemarketing now with means to grow the business further at a later point or focus on understanding the market first. We are flexible to your needs.

At Hayward Miller, we can do it all for you. We are your Sales team, we get you sales.

Our Sales Solution Elements

Our Managed Services Package, utilise two or all three of our elements to fit your business.

Market Research

Market Research helps you find new areas of growth and advises how best to break into new markets.

A unique database is created on each occasion, tailored to suit your market and business. In addition, this can aid you with understanding customer intelligence, assessing your strengths and weaknesses and sourcing potential customers.

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Our Telemarketing team loves speaking to people – they make the calls you loath!

Telemarketing is used to generate initial contact, follow up on leads and raise brand awareness with potential customers. According to the National Sales Executive Association, sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact – we continue to follow-up when others have stopped. This is a relationship-building approach.

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Business Development

Business Development is a role that goes beyond “just sales”.

Business is developed through networking, contacts, market knowledge and experience. Instead of one employee, with Hayward Miller, you receive our entire company.

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…we are your complete Sales Solution!