The HM Club

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“Uniting businesses in pursuit of knowledge and understanding”

A business community created and hosted by Hayward Miller Limited.


To all new and current members please revise our booking process. We now process tickets exclusively via Eventbrite. If you wish to book your seat at our next event please make sure you book in advance and look out for the event announcements on our Eventbrite page.

Click here to see our Eventbrite page.

For your convenience, we have listed our future dates in Upcoming 2020 Events, make a note in your diaries.

Upcoming 2020 Events:

Monday 3rd February – Book Here.

Monday 6th April Cancelled

Monday 1st June – Cancelled

Monday 3rd August

Monday 5th October

Monday 7th December

Our Next Event | Monday 5th October

The purpose of the group is to share our experiences and debate current and future business topics and their effects on us and our companies.

We discuss all things business, from local and regional politics to economic influences, markets, recruitment and much more. We do all of this while naturally networking, and seeing how we can help each other with our offerings.

Want to contribute more to the HM Club?

Send us over some topics you’d like to discuss or if you’re interested in speaking at one of our events contact our Events team.


The HM Club meets bi-monthly on a Monday at the Best Western Priory Hotel (IP32 6EH), north of Bury St Edmund’s town centre.

Our events start at 8 am. Should you have any queries regarding any one of our events please get in contact with us:

01842 821440

Email the Events Team

Thank You

On behalf of the Hayward Miller Team, thank you for being a member of the HM Club and for contributing to our vision:

“To bring business owners and directors together, to share knowledge and understanding to the benefit of all”

Wishing you a profitable and successful future,

Andrew Hayward | Managing Director

Hayward Miller Limited