Your Complete Sales Solution

What is For4wards?

For4wards is a sales training program recently created and developed by Andrew Hayward and the team at Hayward Miller. For4wards has been specially designed to equip your salespeople with the tools needed to become a successful sales team.

With many years’ experience working with a diverse range of companies in multiple industries, we have the knowledge and ability to assess today’s businesses and their staff. We specialise in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer sectors, coaching and developing sales teams from Market Research, Telemarketing through to Business Development.

What can it do for me?

We personalise and tailor our training around your business and the sales team. We establish the obstacles in your system, procedures and processes to increase your teams’ efficiency and overall results. We pride ourselves in curating driven, knowledgeable and confident sales forces. We value companies who invest in bettering themselves through their workforce – nothing can improve your sales more effectively than equipping your team with the right skills and know-how.

Our Method

The way forward for your company is an assessment and tailored training package to do just that. For4wards can be described in four words (AAID):

  • Assess your sales structure.
  • Align your objectives with your sales team.
  • Improve your team’s skills and knowledge.
  • Develop the team to deliver results.

We begin this process through an initial assessment where we will meet with the Owners/Managers to discuss current issues and targets. Followed by a meet with the sales team to understand their view of the current processes. We then create a comprehensive assessment, report on findings and the way forward.

This complete sales solution training program is designed to be comprehensive and effective in optimising your sales team for overall improved sales.

Move forward with For4wards

For4wards is a service curated and delivered by Hayward Miller Ltd, an Outsourced Sales and Consultancy Company. We provide four services consisting of these elements; Business Development, Market Research, Telemarketing and Training. Our aim is to help companies increase their sales and build a steady but growing sales pipeline.

Hayward Miller “Working with Industry towards a Profitable and Successful Future”.

At Hayward Miller, we regularly review our in-house systems and processes. This allows us to better interface with the multiple types of client business that use our outsourced sales solutions. This knowledge and experience are then used to assess other companies and improve their systems and procedures.

We really are the experts!

For4wards© and the For4wards system is a copyrighted brand owned by Hayward Miller Ltd.