Month: October 2021

Your Complete Sales Solution

A Day in the life… of a Telemarketer!

Its Monday morning, you have just clocked in at work at 8 AM anticipating a busy but motivating day ahead. You are working for a different client every day which keeps you on your toes and this morning you are the sales representative for a Secure Printing company. This makes a change from the Sheet…
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The Latest “In” trend in Sales and Marketing is out(sourcing).

The process of outsourcing is ever growing in the business world. Multiple factors have contributed to this including time, money and productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated this due to companies having to cut costs to stay afloat. The 21st century is full of outsourced teams, and there are plenty of reasons why you…
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Design: A vital element in Successfully Marketing your Business.

I strongly believe that design is much more than simply a pretty picture. Design influences our thoughts, our emotions, and the decisions we make. As someone who has always been creatively driven, from a young age I have found myself drawn to aspects of design in the outside world. From opening the packaging when making…
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