Month: January 2019

Your Complete Sales Solution

The Benefits of Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is the practice of hiring another company or team to deliver some of your own business processes. The term seems to have a negative connotation; if a company claims that its sales department is outsourced, others may argue that the business is inefficient and must have consistency issues with the service.…
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Strategising for Growth

For most businesses, their aim is to grow within existing markets. This can lead to many different processes when deciding, “Where do I begin?” There are expansion strategies, pricing strategies, market entry strategies, marketing strategies and so on. Whatever the strategy, a simple question needs to be asked; – “Will this venture be sustainable?” Ansoff’s…
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The Key to Motivating Staff

What motivates you at work? Is it climbing up the ladder? Monetary bonuses? Job satisfaction, to know you are performing well? Is it your colleagues, team or the role itself? Maslow developed a theory that combines all the main drivers to motivate an employee, he called it the Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow argues that an…
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