Month: December 2018

Your Complete Sales Solution

The Product Lifecycle and Delaying Decline

The Product Lifecycle theory explains the journey of a product, from research and development to its decline. It states the different milestones a product will go through and the state of sales throughout its growth. The theory can be applied to a singular product, a brand and its product portfolio or a particular model series…
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Communication Between Functions is Vital

Businesses small and large have people in their workforce dedicated to the many aspects involved in their company’s daily operations. Depending on how large your organisation is, your team can be partitioned into large, tiered departments or small, more centralised functions. Dividing up your company structure into functions such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and…
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Management Styles – Which Works Best?

Working in a management role can be a tough job. Not only do you have to look after your team and please them, but you have to keep those above you happy too. This can cause complications at times when handling your subordinates, how can you manage them in order to reach the company goals?…
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