Month: September 2018

Your Complete Sales Solution

Aligning Company Culture – Its Necessary!

Just like people, companies have unique personalities. It is the personality of a business that encompasses its values, principles and attitudes, making up the brand. A brand should be reflected in a company’s approach and how they operate. This reflection is the company’s culture. What is Company Culture? Company culture defines the environment in which…
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10 Sales Tips from the Hayward Miller Team

Here are the Top 10 Tips the Hayward Miller Team have put forward to help improve your sales: 1. Research your Prospect. It is important to research your prospects – this can include their industry, their company history, financials and their visions. It is vital that you understand your client’s perspective and how your clients…
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Success Does Not Define a Great Leader

In business, we are often inspired by the leaders of successful profitable businesses. We assume that the CEO’s and Managing Directors are the great leaders behind the success simply due to their position and wealth. We assume they possess qualities that led to their position today, however, profitability and successfulness do not determine great leadership.…
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New Recruitment Client Saves You Time and Money

CWS Group is a search and selection recruitment company specialising in sectors including but not limited to; – engineering, automotive, landscaping and ground maintenance. The company is based in Leicester and have been in the industry for 27 years saving companies time and money. The CWS group dedicate their time and efforts towards getting to…
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