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Increase your company’s sales turnover

Hayward Miller contracts out our proven sales staff.  The interims can work to meet your needs on a full or part-time basis.  From two days a month to full time. Our interims will represent your company as if they were your own sales team. Working with you and your team as your sales representative. We will research your market and make appointments to see prospective clients. We will build relationships for your business. Leaving you with increased sales and a growing business.

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Increase your profits

Develop new business to compliment the way you work. Increased efficiencies and greater profits can be attained through strategic sales development.

Do you have customer accounts that just break even? Hayward Miller can help you evaluate your customer base and work with you to increase profits.

Find new customers

We will research your markets, the competition and new business areas. Targeting the right customers from the beginning saves time, resources and money. Our Sales Interim staff are professional seasoned sales people backed up with regular training and development.

Build relationships with existing customers

Through experience, training, ability and the use of tools such as CRM and KAM we can assist you in building on existing relationships. Know your customer. Understand your customer’s needs and pre-empt them. Be one of the top suppliers to all of your customers.

Market Knowledge

Knowledge of your current market allows for a more defined, detailed and cohesive sales strategy. Our market specialists have moved through the hallowed halls of many industries. Using Hayward Millers market knowledge and experience will advance your growth opportunities.

Understanding how to approach a new market is key to success. Using the relevant acronyms and techno speak in front of a new customer shows them you understand requirements. Giving confidence and increasing opportunity.

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